Birthday Fondant Cakes

Hold on, this is not a REAL Time bomb.. LOOK CLOSELY

time bomb fondant cake

Yes this is a 100% edible birthday cake, created by a local baker & cake decorating artist.

What you have just saw was achieved by Fondant Icing

 3D Fondant Cakes

Fondant icing is commonly used on birthday cakes. It has gained tremendous popularity in recent years among children birthday party celebrations and even adults parties. The possibility of the design we can create is endless!

noelle lim

Noelle Lim, Cake Artist

We work with one of Singapore’s best cake artist who specializes in fondant cake decoration. She was trained by one of the best dessert chef in Singapore. Noelle believes in perfecting her unique cake creations for her clients as every final design a piece of art.

birthday fondant cake by noel

The price you need to pay to impress your family and friends; Each customized 3D fondant cakes range from $300 to $800


We specializes in re-creating stunningly realistic objects using fondant icing:

fondant realistic birthday cake

Personalize Cupcakes and Dessert Tables Dressing

Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

Pull apart Cupcake Cakes are super popular these days. The prices are reasonable as well, in fact cheaper, if compared to customized 3D fondant cakes. Parents can allow kids/guests to “pull apart” their prefered piece of the cupcake cake. It’s super fun and interactive! Prices from $150 onwards.

pull apart cupcake cake

Cake Pop

Cake pops are quickly gaining popularity since 2013, when first introduced by icing fondant bakers in Singapore. They can be personalized and customized to match party themes.

baby face cakepop

baby shower cakepop

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