Dessert Table

Elegant and tasty desserts on dessert table, never fails to put smiles on your guests’ faces.

When you think back to the birthday parties you’ve attended, it is magical feelings of seeing the little details coming together that makes a birthday party so unique and memorable. We want to recreate that feeling at your birthday party!

We also does dessert table according to our client’s needs. So do let us know if you have any design in mind and we will be able to deliver it to you as well. Birthday cakes can be ordered through us too!

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Dessert Table

Our affordable dessert table packages include:

  • 1 x Standard Backdrop
  • Happy Birthday Bunting
  • Foldable Table 2m x 1m
  • Table Cloth
  • 6 x Candies/Desserts

Add-on Balloon Decorations

We often combine our balloon decor skill sets with our dessert table. Lovely combination of balloons with dessert table dressings makes the entire set up really pretty!

princess theme dessert table singapore

rainbow theme dessert table

up theme dessert table singapore

We are offering dessert table packages for all birthday parties in Singapore. From superhero theme to princess theme, we provide customized theme party styling and dessert tables for your upcoming birthday party! Our custom dessert tables are fully hand crafted and designed by artist with delectable and gorgeous desserts, leaving a sweet touch at your party event. We are able to create an overall aesthetic to your party by planning your entire birthday party with other services ranging from activities such as balloon sculpting to magic show packages, we have it all! Whether you are planning a kids party, wedding event or a corporate event, let our professional artist to design with style and perfectionism that will make your event be the talk of the town. Colour your special occasions with us today!

All consumable items are for rent only, we will be collecting them back after the event. We will provide containers for clients to keep the remaining desserts.

Personalised Dessert Table Packages

Babyish Dessert Package(25 pax to 30 pax) – $700

Choose any 6 selections from below,

  • Frosted Cupcakes(12 pcs)
  • Mini Fruit Tarts(12 pcs)
  • Macarons(12 pcs)
  • Theme Cookies(12 pcs)
  • Personalised Chocolate Kit Kat(12 pcs)
  • Customised Milk Bottle with Jelly Beans(12 pcs)
  • Customised Pringles(12 pcs)
  • Customised Pocky(12 pcs)
  • Push Pop Candy(12 pcs)
  • Jello Cup(12 pcs)
  • Cake Pops(12 pcs)
  • Candy Jar

Fairish Dessert Package(40 pax to 50 pax) – $950

Choose any 7 selections from below,

  • Frosted Cupcakes(18 pcs)
  • Mini Fruit Tarts(18 pcs)
  • Macarons(18 pcs)
  • Theme Cookies(18 pcs)
  • Personalised Chocolate Kit Kat(18 pcs)
  • Customised Milk Bottle with Jelly Beans(18 pcs)
  • Customised Pringles(18 pcs)
  • Customised Pocky(18 pcs)
  • Push Pop Candy(18 pcs)
  • Jello Cup(18 pcs)
  • Cake Pops(18 pcs)
  • Candy Jar

Giant Dessert Package(60 pax to 70 pax) – $1250

Choose any 8 selections from below,

  • Frosted Cupcakes(24 pcs)
  • Mini Fruit Tarts(24 pcs)
  • Macarons(24 pcs)
  • Theme Cookies(24 pcs)
  • Personalised Chocolate Kit Kat(24 pcs)
  • Customised Milk Bottle with Jelly Beans(24 pcs)
  • Customised Pringles(24 pcs)
  • Customised Pocky(24 pcs)
  • Push Pop Candy(24 pcs)
  • Jello Cup(24 pcs)
  • Cake Pops(24 pcs)
  • Candy Jar

*All Dessert Table Packages include Table Styling and Rental of Props for up to 4 hours.

Client to provide table(1.2m/1.5m)

 LED Fairy Lights

Dessert Table - Cheyanne

 Personalized Super Hero!

Dessert Tabe - Super Hero

 Baby Boss Theme

Dessert Table - Felix's 1st

Baby Boy’s Party

Dessert Table - Zenson Baby Shower

LED Tropical Safari

Dessert Table - Quinton's 1st

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Dessert Table