Cheap balloon decorations singapore

Now, when it comes to setting up a child’s birthday party, 99% of the time you have to do some balloon decorations. And the cheapest way to do it is to DIY!

Here we have included 3 x balloon decoration tutorials that you can follow. These decorations are perfect for kids birthday parties and any other parties too!

Balloon Floral Bouquet

Balloon Wall

This simple yet elegant balloon wall design is just brilliant!

Balloon Columns

Balloon columns are classics. They can be placed at event entrances, beside the cake table and at corners of your function rooms or halls. They do require a bit of technical skills (specifically the sizing of the balloons). But once you get it right, it’s gonna be fun!


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Mr Rabbit’s Magicc

MR RABBIT kids magic show banner with contact number

Last weekend, we had Mr Rabbit to perform for one of our clients!

And of course, everyone was happy! One thing we love about engaging Mr Rabbit is that he is very professional. From the backdrop set-up (that he always brings with him along for shows), to the sound system and microphone he uses in his magic show. The show’s content is engaging, fun, and exciting. Never fail to make children and even the adults happy!


Mr Rabbit showtime on instagram