Balloon Backdrops for kids parties

Where there is a party, there are bound to have balloons! But having a professional balloon team to do up your balloon decorations, during your child’s birthday… is very different from doing it yourself!

Lets check out some amazing artworks that is made possible with professional balloon artists:

This one here is done for a Christmas party, and it is also a birthday party for Aiden! Clearly it is a cheerful Christmas theme design. The balloon presents, candy canes and reindeers are super adorable!

aiden and christmas balloon backdrop

Birthday Theme Decor

The following decoration follows two similar themes; underwater world and the little mermaid. It is done by Jocelynballoons, renowned balloon artist in Singapore.

balloon mermaid underwater backdrop

Happy birthday Lucas!

The ideal photo taking backdrop. Balloon artist plays with different colour tones and the different sizes of balloons, to create a vibrant balloon backdrop design. A contrasting colour was then chosen to “weave” the alphabets, the name of the birthday child, of course using balloons too!

lucas birthday balloon backdrop

Visit: to view more beautiful balloon backdrops used for different celebrations!

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