Balloon Twisting

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Engage THE BEST Balloon Artist for your kid’s birthday party!

Balloon sculpting is not just an activity for kids parties. They are perfect gifts for your guests and their children as well! Imagine having customized presents for all of your guests to bring home, how great will that be?

Balloon sculptures created specially by professional balloon artists from Balloon Ranger

The beautifully crafted balloon sculptures are made up of more than 2 balloons each time. We ensure only quality balloons are used.

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Balloon Wonderland

Balloon sculpting service with a free special balloon for the birthday child. The special balloon can be anything you ask for! Each of the other kids gets an advance balloon sculpture made with more than 1 balloons.

Other Professional Artist’s Rate:

$150/hr ONLY, Additional hour at $100

Cartoon Twisting

Imagine everyone gets a special balloon which we normally gives only to the birthday child! The cartoon twisting allows up to 10 super advance sculptures to be given away to the kids. And the birthday child gets something even bigger and better than the “norm”.

$250/hr ONLY, Additional hour at $200

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