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Professional StoryTelling For Children

Children of all ages loves stories. They love to hear about a hero or a villain, a giant or a dragon as long as it has a happy ending. Whatever the story might be about, the child is excited to have someone read a story to them.

Hire Our StoryTeller for Parties

Parents often ask us if magic shows or puppet shows suit the younger kids (age 3 to 5), and our answer will often be no. Then what should we provide them for entertainment? Game host will be great, and the next best choice will be hiring a Storyteller! Our professional storyteller, King Akira, is one of the most sought after children performer in Singapore. In his show, he does amazing theatrical storytelling, accompanied by his good friend Fiestar the Dragon!

Storytelling with King Akira & Fiestar the Dragon

was $500, now $350 Nett

  • 20 minutes StoryTelling with Dances
  • 10 minutes of Mascot interaction
  • Portable Music

Add on 1 hour of Balloon Sculpting or Face-painting or Glitter Tattoo for only $100!

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Children Experience the Story

A child not only listens to the story, they experience the story. In the imagination of a child they are the hero with all the courage to fight the dragon or beast and save the day. They can see in their mind as the story goes along what the characters in the book might look like. A child looks into their imagination as to what their hero’s world would be like.

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