Hire a Magician for your kids party

Children LOVES Magic!

One of the best present you can give to your kids will be a magic show performance. But you won’t want to hire the wrong magician for your child’s birthday party! You don’t want your child to be disappointed with the show.

3 Tips to Hiring A Good Magician

Get A FULL TIME Professional

Unless you have personally seen the magician performing, it’s always better to get a full time performer. Read up on his/her reviews online and always request for a professional showreel.

Know Your Children Age Group

It’s only right to get the right magician for the age group. You don’t want your 8 or 9 year old child to find a magician too “childish”. Or your 4 year old child ending up not understanding the show.

Do Your Research Online & Offline

While most of us know how to do research online, offline researches are necessary too! Ask around in forums too, it helps!

Hire a Magician For Kids Parties? Check out Carnival Empire & Mr Rabbit:

Kids Magic Show

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