Hiring a Party Planner in Singapore

princess for kids birthday parties

There are many pre-planning to do when it comes to organizing a kid’s birthday party.

First and foremost, you need to fix a date. Alright that’s not a big issue. And then you got to think of who to invite, and decide on the theme of the party. And finally, food & entertainment AND budgeting.

So on average, it would cost anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 to host a child’s party. Some parents are willing to spend even much more! (We’ve seen a $1,000,000 party!!! Too bad we are not the organizer…)

Why hire an event/party planner?

Now you might think, why hire a planner? First of all, you need to source for the RIGHT ONE! Some companies out there do charge a premium planner fee, but in fact most does not. And it is even cost and time efficient to hire a planner, instead of you planning the party yourself!

Cost Efficient

Most planners (like us), actually works with food suppliers, and have our in-house performers. We DO NOT mark up the price and sell it to our clients. In fact, we mark down the suppliers’ rate and then fetch a commission cut from there. As we order in bulk (for diff. parties), we could even get a better rate than the market price!

Time Efficient

Singaporeans are always busy. With work, with families, with our social activities! While party planning can be fun, some works of it are definitely a hassle. Well we got to admit it is not a really “fun” thing to negotiate prices, source for services/products, but it is our job to do so! So leave the hassles to us, and enjoy your party!


As we have been doing this for almost a decade, we are good at what we do. Leave it to us to ensure that your party runs smoothly, and making sure your guests enjoys the party!

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