Kids Party Entertainment

Now, there are 5 processes to a party:

  1. Pre-party preparations
  2. Party Decorations
  3. Party Entertainment
  4. Party gifts
  5. Food & Beverages

Well today we are going to talk about party entertainment!


When it comes to party entertainment, we can divide them into two sections: The fringe activities, and Showtime!

Fringe activities includes face-painting, balloon sculpting, art & crafts and many more… These are usually activities to kick start the party, or during the party in a free & easy style. Where children can play, eat, while visiting the fringe activities to have fun.

Showtime! This section can include Magic Shows, Bubble Shows, Game Shows and the list goes on. This is usually placed in the middle of the party, where kids and families gather and go through a fun filled showtime.


Here are 3 Mistakes you should avoid as a parent, when it comes to party planning:

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