New Age Wedding Balloon Decoration

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Balloon Artist Jocelyn Ng started his career professionally at the age of 16. Despite her young age, Jocelyn received many recognition in her industry. She currently runs Jocelynballoons while selling balloon art & services to weddings and birthday parties locally in Singapore.

The New Age Wedding Balloon Decoration

Ever since the launch of her balloon sculpted wedding couples back in 2011, it had gained tremendous popularity amongst the newly wed.

balloon wedding couple sculptures with the bride and groom
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It later evolved from a table size wedding couple for wedding reception tables, to life size balloon wedding couples.

balloon bride and groom by jocelynballoon
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Couples can also have the balloon miniatures displayed on balloon columns.

wedding balloon columns with wedding couples
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Jocelyn mentioned to us that the traditional balloon decorations for weddings were mainly done up with round balloons. The balloon artists call them the 11 inch or 12 inch rounds. However, Jocelyn decided to innovate and add in twisted balloon sculptures into the classic designs. Thus resulting in her “New age” wedding balloon style.

One of the most popular wedding balloon decorations is the customized balloon backdrop. These backdrops are perfect for friends and families to take pictures with.

wedding-balloon-backdrop for photobooth
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Sometimes, Jocelyn also helps with marriage proposals. We were told by Jocelyn that the following design was done under the rain! She joked that after proposal, she can continue business with the couples. From hiring her for their wedding day, and then their baby shower, follow by the child’s birthdays in the years to come.

balloon decoration for wedding proposal
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