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popcorn and candyfloss machine rental

Want add some fancy and colourful delicious treats to your events?

Cotton candy and Popcorn is no longer just a movie treat or carnival snacks. They are the best treat to ANY fun events of any scale. Party Fiestar provides crunchy popcorn and fluffy candy floss machine for rental! Your guests will definitely enjoy at your party with free flow of these delicious snacks.

YES! Free-flow of fluffy candy floss and Dancing popcorn.

You can run your event at ease with our friendly staff who will be there to set up and help to mend the machine, completely hassle free!

Popcorn and candlyfloss machine for rent

Popcorn Machine Rental

popcorn singapore

Candyfloss Machine Rental

candyfloss singapore

Pre-packed Popcorns & Candyfloss (Singapore)

Hassle free prepackaged popcorn and/or candy floss in Singapore. Our clientele includes banks, private MNCs and schools. Many events company pre-order pre-packaged popcorns and cotton candies from us too! So why not go DIRECT to the source and order directly from us!

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Mobile: 91546135 (Leyeon)

pre packed candyfloss

prepackaged popcorn singapore

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  1. We serve the best quality ingredients, both our popcorns and cotton candies.
  2. Staffs mending the stalls are all well trained with years of experiences.
  3. Punctuality is what you will expect from our service. Our machines will arrive at least 20 minutes before the event so that the catering can start on time.
  4. Hassle free service. We provide the manpower, cable extensions, set-up and clear-up ALL FOR YOU !
  5. Trusted brand. Party fiestar is working with more than 10 events company on a B to B relationship. We ensure our clients top notch quality services !

Looking for other Carnival Snacks?

Our event partner Carnival Empire provide a wide range of carnival snacks! Ranging from Kacang Puteh stall, to traditional Teh Tarik live station and even ice cream carts.

Official Partner:

Carnival Empire Popcorn Candy-floss Machine Rental


Contact Us via email:

Mobile: 91546135 (Leyeon)