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sound system rental singapore

Hiring the right sound system rental company; One major factor to create a successful event is the music. Music creates the right atmosphere for you and your guests. And therefore, having a good quality sound system and the right music, is very very important. But you have to make sure that you choose the right sound system rental company for your event/party!

You don’t want to ruin your EVENT!

At Party Fiestar, we provide professional sound crew, high quality sound systems for rental, at a super affordable rate. Some other companies might give you a even better price, but you might lose out greatly on the quality. We have had clients who got a sound-system from x-company at only $110. What happened next was, the sound system does not come with soundtracks. Our client had to download tracks on her own laptop on the spot. And worse part of it was, the sound quality muffled and the bass & vocal quality was horrible.

You don’t want to be the next victim…

We only have limited sets of sound systems for rental, therefore do book us early to avoid disappointments.

audio system rental singapore

sound system rental

Professional Event Set (Duration: up to 4 hours)

This set of sound system is suitable for events such as block parties, poolside parties, event halls, carparks and outdoor tentages events,

  1. 2 x High Quality Speakers (Best sound quality!)
  2. Speakers Tripod
  3. High performance Laptop
  4. Professional Mixer
  5. Wide selection of soundtracks
  6. Two Wireless Microphone
  7. Spare Batteries
  8. Trained Sound-crew
  9. Suitable for 100 to 200 pax crowd
  10. Both indoor and outdoor usage
  11. Standard voltage requirement, 230 V

Karaoke System Rental Singapore

Spice up your event with our karaoke system rental, delivering all around Singapore. Professional set up allows you and your guests to sing all day! This is definitely suitable for house parties, block parties and private hotel functions. It is going to be so much fun!

karaoke system rental singapore

  1. 2 x High Quality Speakers (Best sound quality!)
  2. Speakers Tripod
  3. Karaoke touch screen panel
  4. Wide selection of soundtracks
  5. Two Wireless Microphone
  6. Spare Batteries
  7. Trained Sound-crew

Our advance package includes a 42 inch TV rental. Standard Karaoke does not include TV.

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