Talk about Pinata

Pinata (pronounced as Pee-nia-ta), was originated from Mexico. It is commonly found in children’s birthday parties. Basically you load in the candies, hang it, and break it open to release the goodies! There are so many ways you can play with the Pinata.

Two types of Pinata

So, there are two types of Pinata. The first one is the classic Pinata where you hit it open. The second one is the pull string Pinata which you need to pull the “correct” string to release the candies/goodies inside the Pinata

types of pinata


Playing the Pinata

It’s actually not easy to host the Pinata game. Its best to get the kids to really cooperate during the hitting of the Pinata to avoid injuries. One other tip is to have some music while playing the game. The music tempo will help to “control” the kids. Here is an example how you can host a simple Pinata game:

Make your own Pinata?

Youtube channel: “Before & After TV”, teaches you how to make a colourful paper mache pinata.

Alternatively, you can always purchase your favorite Pinata in local party stores.

Have fun with Pinatas!

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